Lazarus and the Hurricane: the Freeing of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter by Sam Chaiton and Terence Swinton

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One of the books that inspired THE HURRICANE starring Denzel Washington

Immortalized in the Bob Dylan song “Hurricane Rubin Carter, a number one contender for the world middleweight boxing crown, became a civil rights cause célèbre in the mid-seventies when he was wrongfully convicted of a triple murder in New Jersey. After public outcry forced a retrial, Carter was the victim of a second travesty of justice, when he was reconvicted, and given the same triple-life sentence.

When Lesra Martin – a youth from the Brooklyn ghetto who moved to Toronto with a group of Canadians – learned of Carter’s plight after reading the boxer’s memoirs, The Sixteenth Round, he told his new family the tragic story. The group soon took up Carter’s cause and worked tirelessly to win his freedom.

A riveting legal drama and a powerful story of hope and humanity, Lazarus and the Hurricane is the story of justice gone wrong and the incredible dedication needed to set it right.

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